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Youth Group


Both our middle school and high school age members have very active groups combining fun with spiritual growth. From Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday to devotionals, cookouts and many different kinds of get-togethers...barely a week goes by that our group doesn't have something planned.

Our congregation sponsors opportunities for our teens in campaign and mission fields. Recent examples include serving the homeless in Ft. Worth, holding a VBS and other campaigns on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and mission work in Honduras. We also provide assistance for all our kids to attend church camp every summer.

Keep up with our youth group happenings on the calendar page.

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Young Adult/College Age/20s

The 20s group has a weekly home Bible study for people to build each other up, study the Bible together and build relationships. This group is made up of young adults, college students, young professionals, and anyone in their 20s. Join us for our weekly Bible study Mondays at 7:00 p.m at the home of Shawn and Abby Coleman.

If you would like to attend please contact Abby Coleman here for the address, or come to our Sunday morning worship services to meet us!

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Leadership Training for Christ (LTC)

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Every year our congregation participates in the Leadership Training for Christ program. LTC is a program for 3rd-12th grade youth that develops christian leadership, worship skills and outreach activities. Our kids are engaged in both group and individual events. Some of those group events include small and large chorus, puppets and drama. We also coach and encourage individual events such as sermon, speech, song leading and various art and communication projects.

We attend the LTC convention in Rogers, Arkansas every Easter weekend. For more information concerning LTC, click here.