Community Celebration Day

Join Us September 11, 2022 to celebrate 19 years of serving the Piedmont Community

Where: Soldier Creek Church of Christ, 417 Monroe Ave. NW, Piedmont, OK.

When: 9/11/22 9:30 a.m - Adult, Young Adult/20s/college age, Teen and Children's Bible Classes for all ages.

10:30 a.m - Worship Service

A catered lunch by Daddy Brad's will be provided to all following worship services.

Why: To celebrate Soldier Creek Church of Christ's 19 years serving the Piedmont Community. Soldier Creek Church of Christ was started 19 years ago by several Piedmont Families who traveled outside of Piedmont to worship. Wanting to worship and be involved in the Piedmont community, they started meeting in the Piedmont High School before purchasing the current building as the Soldier Creek Church of Christ. 19 years later, Soldier Creek Church of Christ has members from the Kingfisher, Okarche, OKC and Piedmont communities. Worshipping together, camping together, supporting each other and praying for each other, Soldier Creek is truly where friends become family.